The purpose of the bdNOG Fellowship Program is to give opportunities to Internet network engineers and operators from the less privileged parts of the Bangladesh region to participate in the countries’ premier Internet Operations and Technology summit. The award is open to anyone who meets the criteria described below. Selected fellows will have an opportunity to network with colleagues in the industry, learn first-hand about bdNOG and its related activities, and then return home with new insights to aid them in their professional development.

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Fellowship Award Package

Applicants selected for the bdNOG18 Fellowship program will receive the following support:

  • 100% waive of the Registration Fees for the Workshop and Conference.
  • Tk. 2500 to support transport allowance.
  • Accommodation allowance during the event.

Key Dates

Time Zone Asia/Dhaka (UTC +06:00)
12 May 2024 Fellowship Launch (at 12:00 Dhaka time)
30 May 2024 at 23:59 Fellowship Close (at 23:59 Dhaka time)
31 May 2024 Application Reviews Commence
2 June 2024 Clarification Period
10 June 2024 Inviting Successful Applications to Accept Award
18 June 2024 Acceptance Deadline
20 June 2024 Publication of Successful Applicants

Fellowship Committee

  • Suman Kumar Saha, ADN Telecom
  • Shaila Sharmin, Prime Bank PLC
  • Terry Sweetser, APNIC
  • Rene Fichtmueller, FLEXOPTIX GmbH
  • Ismat Zerin, Fiber@Home Ltd.


Applications are open only to residents of Republic of Bangladesh and within 35 Years of Age.

Applicants need to be actively involved in Internet development in any of the following capacities:

  • Network engineering and Network design
  • Network operations and Network Operation Centre
  • Internet systems engineering and systems operations
  • Educators and Trainers
  • Researchers and Academics

Selection criteria

Applicants for the bdNOG Fellowship need to:

  • Demonstrate a track record in sharing what is learned with colleagues and peers.
  • Describe their local Internet community involvement in a technical or operational capacity.
Applicants who have been prior SANOG/APNIC/AprIGF/IGF/IETF/ICANN Conference Fellowship recipients within the last five years will not normally be considered eligible for this Fellowship.

Terms & Conditions

Fellows will avail all kind of food in the event provided by bdNOG. Without that no meal (e.g. dinner ) will be provided. bdNOG is not responsible for costs incurred by Fellows inside the HOTEL for using other services like MiniBar, Laundry,Restaurant etc.

Successful Fellows will be requested to accept or decline their fellowship by email reply to the invitation from the bdNOG Fellowship Committee Chairs as per the schedule. The acceptance of the Fellowship must include a copy of their confirmed and paid for bus itinerary to Dhaka.

It is the prospective Fellow's responsibility to ensure they have provided a working email address, and that they monitor email during the period in question. The deadlines are not negotiable.

bdNOG Fellowship is a privilege and all Fellows are required to participate fully during either the workshops or conference, and all meetings and social events organised by bdNOG for the Fellows (both separately and with other delegates). Failure to do so may result in withdrawal of the Fellowship award.

All applicants must be fully aware and agree to accept all terms & conditions of the fellowship as stipulated in the application webpage