bdNOG Speakers

Paul Wilson
APNIC, Australia

Paul Wilson has twenty years’ involvement with the Internet, including over ten years’ experience as the Director General of APNIC. As part of this current role, he represents the activities and interests of the Asia Pacific Internet community in local and global forums related to the development and management of the Internet. In 2012 he was also selected to the Multistakeholder Advisory Group for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the groups that advises the UN Secretary-General on the program and schedule of the IGF meetings.

Previously the Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus Networks, the first private ISP established in Australia, Paul also acted as a consultant to the United Nations and other international agencies. As a primary consultant on Internet projects, including the PAN Program with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Paul helped to introduce Internet services for the first time in several developing economies.

Paul is a highly respected member of the global Internet community and participates in the following organizations: APIA, APNG, ISIF, NRO, ISOC and dotAsia.

Sumon Ahmed Sabir
Fiber@Home, Bangladesh

Sumon Ahmed Sabir has been working in the Bangladesh Internet Industry for last 18 years.

He is presently working for Fiber@home Limited, which is building Telecom and Internet network infrastructure through out Bangladesh. He also worked for BDCOM Online Limited, one of the leading ISP as Managing Director and CTO for 10 years. Sumon contributed in developing BDIX, the Only Internet Exchange in Bangladesh. He has also volunteered in SANOG and ISPAB in differently capacities.

Dr. Philip Smith
PFS Internet Development, Australia

Philip Smith has been working in the Internet industry since the early 90s. He runs his own consulting company, PFS Internet Development.

He previously worked for two and a half years at APNIC as Learning and Development Director. Before APNIC, he was a member of the Internet Infrastructure Group in CTO Consulting Engineering of Cisco Systems for thirteen and a half years.

Prior to joining Cisco, he spent five years at PIPEX (now part of UUNET’s global ISP business), the UK’s first commercial Internet Service Provider. He was one of the first engineers working in the commercial Internet in the UK, and played a key role in building the modern Internet in Europe.

Kuek Yu-Chuang
ICANN, Singapore

Kuek Yu-Chuangis ICANN’s vice president and managing director for its Asia Pacific hub. He is concurrently part of ICANN’s global stakeholder engagement team for the Asia Region. In these roles, Kuek oversees ICANN’s expansion and operations in the region.

Before joining ICANN in August 2013, Kuek served as a Senior Director for Yahoo! Inc., where he led the company’s public policy efforts in the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions.

Kuek also has extensive government experience having held roles as diplomat, trade negotiator and policy-maker. Prior to joining Yahoo!, Kuek engaged in intellectual property policy development for Singapore’s Ministry of Law. In addition, Kuek worked for Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, serving on the China Desk and in Singapore’s Washington, D.C. Embassy.

A Singapore native, Kuek studied International Politics at China’s Peking University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts. He later obtained a Master of Arts from Harvard University in the U.S.

Munir Hasan
The Daily Prothom Alo, Bangladesh

Munir Hasan is an information technology consultant and open-source software activist. After graduating from Bangladesh University of Science and Technology, he worked there for more than a decade. Later on he moved into Prime Minister’s Office as ICT consultant. Currently he is working as Coordinator, Youth Programme of The Daily Prothom Alo. Previously he also worked for Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology of Bangladesh Government. He is also the Secretary of Bangladesh Math Olympiad Committee, and helped to reach the event in the way it is now. As the secretary of Bangladesh Open Source Network, he is working on promoting Bengali Wikipedia since 2005. He is a founding member of Wikimedia Bangladesh and currently serving as the President.

Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
APNIC EC, Limelight Networks, Singapore

Gaurab Raj Upadhaya is Network Architect at Limelight Networks based in Singapore.

In this role he works with the team responsible for backbone network of the Limelight Content Delivery Network. Previously, Gaurab worked for Packet Clearing House as Sr. Network Engineer and Internet Analyst managing a global DNS Anycast system spread over sixty sites and supporting eighty plus ccTLDs and gTLDs.

Gaurab’s primary interest is in Internet backbone operations, analysing peering/transit relationships between operators and roles of Internet Exchange Points in different parts of Asia. He also spends much of his time in training ISPs in developing countries about best practices on network operations. Gaurab also serves on the Board of APIA, Program Committee of APRICOT and Program Committee of APNIC meetings. He chairs the South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG), and the APNIC Policy -SIG. He lived most of his life in Nepal, and setup the Nepal Internet Exchange. He’s been active participants at APRICOT since 2002.

GZ Kabir
BDCOM Limited, Bangladesh

GZ Kabir is the General Manager and acting Head of System Integration at BDCOM Online Ltd. BDCOM is one of the pioneers in Bangladesh for Internet Services, IP Telephony, IT Infrastructure Development and other IT Enabled Services. GZ Kabir is currently the Co-Chair of SANOG. He also served as a member of Fellowship Committee of APRICOT 2013. In Bangladesh, he is an active member of the Advisory Committee of BDCERT and a member of ISOC Dhaka. He has more than 16 years’ experience working on different systems and networking technologies. His expertise lies in designing and developing mission critical infrastructure for large corporations.

F.M. Rashed Amin
Link3 Technologies Ltd, Bangladesh

Rashed is a visionary leader in technology areas for organizations whose aim is to provide the best possible service to its customers by leveraging Information Technology and Systems.

He is working as Chief Technology officer (CTO) at Link3 Technology, one of the large ISP in Bangladesh. He is the architect of nationwide network infrastructure of Link3.

Rashed loves travelling around, very passionate to speak about technology in public. Internet Industry in Bangladesh knows him as Biddut. He is a trustee board member of bdNOG.

Nurul Islam Roman
APNIC, Australia

Roman manages APNIC training lab network and is involved in delivering technical training for the APNIC community. He possesses specialized skills in designing and running IPv4/IPv6 routing and switching infrastructure for service provider and enterprise networks. Prior to his current role he looked after the IP and AS number allocations for the APNIC members.

Following graduation from the UK in computer science technologies, Nurul gained lots of experience working in the ISP industry in the UK and in Bangladesh. Roman is founding member of bdNOG (Bangladesh Network Operators Group).

Areas of Interests: Internet Resource Management, IPv6, Routing and Switching, MPLS, BGP, Network Security, Internet Routing Registry and RPKI, ISP Services and Internetworking.

Donald Clark
Google, USA

Donald manages Google’s peering (network interconnect) and content distribution activities across South Asia, Oceania and for some sectors in North America. Peering and content caching is essential for delivering great quality end-user experiences with efficient economics. Prior to joining Google, Donald established and ran New Zealand’s first national research and education network. He also worked as the Prime Minister’s advisor on digital, innovation and telecommunications matters (amongst other areas). He trained as a Chemical Engineer in Edinburgh, Scotland and in Pennsylvania, USA. Donald is also currently a member of the Governing bodies of Internet New Zealand and Open IX.

Fakrul Alam
bdHUB, Bangladesh

Fakrul Alam is a network engineer of bdHUB Limited, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has been in the networking industry for 10+ years. Fakrul is a skilled internetwork expert in Routing & Switching, has strong background in Service Provider (SP) networks with exceptional troubleshooting skills and intense interest in Designing & Deploying large scale ISP and Enterprise networks.

Prior to joining bdHUB Limited, Fakrul worked as Senior Manager, Enterprise Network of Brac Bank Limited. In this role he functioned as the team lead and senior engineer focusing on directing and delivering IT Services as well as developing and maintaining technology policies, standards and procedures. His current focus is on network & infrastructure security. Fakrul is founding member of bdCERT (Bangladesh Computer Emergency Response Team) and bdNOG (Bangladesh Network Operators Group).

Specialties: Routing & Switching, Network Architecture, Network Security, Network Forensics.

Naveed Haq
ISOC Asia-Pacific, Pakistan

Naveed Haq is Chapter Development Manager, Asia-Pacific at the Internet Society (ISOC). He works closely with both the Director of Chapters and the Regional Bureau in Asia. Prior to joining ISOC, Naveed was working with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Government of Pakistan since 2002, most recently as Assistant Director, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).

Naveed carries a deep interest towards community activities to enhance awareness and participation from individuals towards local and global Internet subjects. He has delivered a number of talks to community members and also wrote a number of articles for International blogs and magazines. He is also an alumni member of ICANN’s fellowship, ISOC’s Next Generation Leadership and Diplo Foundation’s Internet Governance Capacity Building program.

He possesses a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Sciences (Pakistan). His sidelines include research, reading, cricket and music.

Champika Wijayatunga
ICANN, Australia

Champika is the ICANN’s Regional Security, Stability and Resiliency (SSR) Engagement Manager for the Asia Pacific. He supports the ICANN’s external SSR program and represents ICANN in operational, technical and capacity building forums in the AP region.

Prior to ICANN, Champika was the Training Unit Manager at APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia Pacific. He also served as a Team Leader, a Senior Training Specialist and also APNIC’s Liaison Officer for the South Asia region. Champika started his career with IBM Corporation as a Systems Engineer and worked in IT industry, academia, research, and training environments in the Asia Pacific.

Sheryl Hermoso
APNIC, Australia

Sheryl has had various roles as a Network and Systems Administrator prior to joining APNIC. She started her career as a Technical Support Assistant while studying at the University of the Philippines. She later finished her degree in Computer Engineering and continued to work in the same university as a Network Engineer, where she managed the DILNET network backbone and wireless infrastructure.

Srinivas Chendi
APNIC, Australia

Srinivas Chendi is APNIC’s Senior Internet Development Advisor. He is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the levels of engagement and participation of the members of the community which APNIC serves. He also manages the South Asia region Liaison role while establishing partnerships with external organizations to encourage IPv6 deployment and help the community derive the maximum benefit from developments at APNIC.

Srinivas has worked in a variety of roles at APNIC and elsewhere, including External Relations Manager, Policy Development Manager, Online Services Manager, Internet Resource Analyst, Technical Support Supervisor, and Systems Security Analyst.

Brian Candler

Brian Candler is a freelance consultant to the ISP industry, and trainer with the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC). He has been working with Unix systems, IP networks and open-source software for the past 17 years, during which time he has also been a trainer at numerous workshops for the Internet Society, the African Network Operators Group, and others. Before that he was a designer of embedded microprocessor systems. In his spare time he attempts to play jazz piano.

Ragib Hasan
University of Alabama at Birmingham and, USA

Dr. Ragib Hasan is a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. With a key focus on practical computer security problems, Hasan explores research on cloud security, mobile malware security, secure provenance, biomedical device security, social network security, and database security. Hasan is the founder of the SECuRE and Trustworthy Computing Lab (SECRETLab) at UAB. He is also a member of the UAB Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research.rnrnPrior to joining the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2011, Hasan was an NSF/CRA Computing Innovation Fellow and Assistant Research Scientist at the Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in October, 2009, and December, 2005, respectively. Before that, he received a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering and graduated summa cum laude from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2003. He also served in the faculty of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at BUET. Dr. Hasan’s research is supported by the Department of Homeland Security, the Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation, Facebook Inc., Google Inc., and Amazon Inc. He is a 2014 awardee of the prestigious NSF CAREER Award for his work on cloud security. Dr. Hasan is also a recipient of the 2013 Google RISE Award, a 2013 Information Society Innovation Fund Award. 2013 Deutsche-Welle Best of Blogs and Online Innovation award, a 2011 Google Faculty Research Award, the 2009 NSF Computing Innovation Fellowship and the 2003 Chancellor Award and Gold Medal from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. He is a founding member of Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter, a long term administrator of Bangla and English Wikipedias.

Dr. Salekul Islam
United International University, Bangladesh

Salekul Islam is an Assistant Professor at United International University (UIU), Bangladesh. Before joining UIU, he worked as an Assistant Professor at North South University, Bangladesh. Earlier, he worked as an FQRNT postdoctoral fellow at INRS, a constituent of the Université du Québec. He has a Bachelors degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, a Masters degree and a PhD both in Computer Science from Concordia University, Canada. His present research interests are in Cloud computing, virtualisation, future Internet. His also carried out research in IP multicast especially in the area of security issues of multicasting. He has published many scientific research papers including nine journal articles. He has also contributed to the IETF community. He is one of the authors of RFC 5796.

Yoshinobu Matsuzaki
IIJ, Japan

Yoshinobu Matsuzaki is a Senior Engineer at Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ/AS2497), a pioneering commercial ISP in Japan. He has a decade of network operation experience with the IIJ backbone network team. His areas of expertise include network design, network operation, network security, and DNS. He has given numerous talks at JANOG, NANOG, RIPE, and APNIC meetings, as wells as other workshops.

Simon Sohel Baroi
Fiber@Home Ltd, Bangladesh

Designed the ITC ( International Terrestrial Cable ) System. Working with the major ILD operators like Reliance, Tata, Bharti, PCCW, TM Global, Sparkle, Equinix, Global Switch. Establishing the International POP at Singapore, Malaysia and UK. Designed the Integrated IIG ( International Internet Gateway ) with CISCO. Capacity 10 Gbps. Working in the largest private fiber optic network in Bangladesh. Designed 1650 KM, ngSDH network. Build and maintain one of the largest FTTx network of the country and developing Triple Play service over that. 6 years of core experience in Telecommunication sector with vendors like HUAWEI, LS Cable & System, TEJAS Networks, CISCO, Harris Stratex. Worked in regulator of Bangladesh ( Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission – BTRC ). Working in both operator and regulator, I have achieved a great knowledge of the sector and made a great network of peoples who are working in this vast growing sector. Working in a regulator, I was directly in touched with IGW, IIG, ICX, BWA and Cell Phone Operators. Solving their several problems, we discover some new ideas which are very much new in this world. After doing the huge branding of WiMAX, our team made the operator to understand the value of BWA License. As a part of the Satellite team, we figure-out the resource are being wasted in Space of a great nation called Bangladesh. Also it’s being grabbed but other international corporate powers. Research and making new ideas binding with technology is my hobby, which will remain online until my last breath.

Muhammad Moinur Rahman
1Asia Communication, Bangladesh

Moin has been working for an ITC(International Terresterial Cable) license holder, 1Asia Alliance Comunication Ltd for the past 1 and half year as Head of Core Network. Before that he used to work for Telnet Communication Ltd(Nationwide Data Service Provider) for almost 5 years. Have completed CCNA in early 2000. Then have attained various Cisco and Juniper certification. In his leisure time he work as a FreeBSD port maintainer(Currently maintaining nearly 400+ ports).

Faisal Mobarak
Grameenphone Limited, Bangladesh

Faisal Mobarak is the Assistant General Manager of Ollo Wireless Internet, brand name of a Russian owned multinational company delivering Wimax in Bangladesh since 2011 & also awarded the 4G license according to BWA guidelines under the name of BIEL (Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd). Currently he is responsible for leading the network operations and integration in Ollo’s existing Wimax network & newly built LTE network. Recently he has played a vital role to launch the trial network of first LTE FDD network (2.6 GHz, Band-7) in Bangladesh. He is recognized as a skilled & experienced IP Core Design & Solution Architect in his working community. He was a key player in his last 3 organization having experience of 3 Greenfield telecoms operator’s launch in GSM, WiMAX & 4G LTE technology respectively. Faisal has immense experience in Bangladesh Telecom & Service Provider industry. Prior to joining Ollo Wireless Internet in 2011, Faisal led Network Operations of country’s first Wimax company, Qubee since 2009. Before that he worked for GSM operator Airtel Bangladesh (former Warid Telecom) from scratch to make their Network Operations to be the best in class. Earlier, he also worked for one of the largest ISP in Bangladesh, Agni Systems Limited as Network Administrator. Faisal holds couple of vendor certifications such as ITIL-F, CCIP, CCNP, CCNA, JNCIP-ENT, JNCIP-SEC, JNCIS-ER, JNCIS-SEC, JNCIA-ER, JNCIA-EX, JNCIA-JUNOS. An Electronics & Telecommunication graduate from University of Dhaka, Faisal also holds an MBA degree in MIS from same University.

Shaqul Hasan
Aftab IT Limited, Bangladesh

Shaqul Hasan is System Administrator of Aftab IT Limited, A Nationwide ISP of Bangladesh. He has been in the networking industry for 12+ years. Hasan has designed nationwide internet and data network of Aftab IT Ltd and deploy and maintain this network. He has strong Expertise in Network Routing and switching .He also Designing & Deploying some financial , educational institute and group of companies data networks with latest networking technology. He has hands on experience in Windows and Linux based server applications,fiber and wireless networks,vpn,mpls,bgp peering etc. His current focus is on local network peering,internet contents and delivery network. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science and engineering and some vendor certifications.

Al Faruq Ibna Nazim
Link3 Technologies Ltd. Bangladesh

Al Faruq Ibna Nazim is a native of Dhaka city in Bangladesh. Since 2005 he has been working for Link3 Technologies Ltd. and currently serving as a solution engineer designated as Deputy Manager for Network Operation Center. Throughout the 9+ years period he worked on wireless infrastructure, different OS based server systems, distributed and complicated network, high availability for network and systems, VOIP system and appliances, cyber-crime investigation.

Due to working for multiple area he started working as a solution engineer. Notable implementations relating different large scale system for high availability with licensed and open source based mixed environment, DC and DR network and system optimization consolidating with virtualization including live migration, desktop virtualization with virtual desktop infrastructure and distributed networked IP-PBX planning with zonal dial plan and tele-convergence of IP-PBX / PSTN / FAX / legacy PABX.

Md. Jahangir Hossain
Open Communications Ltd, Bangladesh

Md. Jahangir Hossain is a Network Engineer of Open Communications Ltd. and Earth Telecommunication (Pvt.) Ltd. based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has been in the networking industry since 2005. Prior to his current role , he worked as Sr. Asst. Network Administrator, Network Operation Center of Agni Systems Ltd. He is an alumni member of SANOG, ICANN and IETF’s fellowship also ISOC’s Next Generation Leadership and United Nations Fellow of Internet Governance Forum secretariat, in field of Internet Governance. He is also founding member and presently Vice Chair of Internet Society (ISOC) Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter and founding member of Executive committee bdNOG (Bangladesh Network Operators Group).

Specialties: Routing & Switching, Network and Solution Architecture, Project Management and Capacity Building.

Areas of Interests: Service Provider and Internetworking, Cyber Security , Content Development, Internet Governance & technical Policy.

Zobair Khan
Fiber@Home, Bangladesh

Specialty in SDH, GPON, L3/L2 Data network. Working experience with Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Tejas, Ericsson, LS Cable etc vendors.

Has been working in Fiber@Home for last 5 years. Started career with Transmission Network. Worked with Huawei, Ericsson SDH boxes. Deployed over 30 SDH boxes all over Bangladesh. Commissioned the links and did the troubleshooting and maintenance.

Then started working with GPON Technology with FTTH & FTTB architecture. Was involved with the planning, deployment and commissioning phase. Worked with LS Cable and Huawei GPON systems. Established the GPON network of Fiber@Home in Niketon & Motijheel. Also maintained the network for over 1 year.

Then was involved from the very beginning of the IIG & ITC network of Fiber@Home. Established Dhaka – Benapole ITC backbone with Huawei DWDM. Was involved with the IIG & ITC core network implementation. Also looks after the regulatory affairs for IIG & ITC network. Capacity planning, upstream coordination and troubleshooting is the current responsibility at Fiber@Home.

Md. Jobayer Almahmud Hossain
BRAC, Bangladesh

Jobayer Almahmud Hossain is the Senior Lead System Administrator and In-Charge of Infrastructure & Support of ICT Department of BRAC. He has 12+ years of solid experience in IT Infrastructure development and management for large organization. He has designed, implemented and managing BRAC Datacenter including huge number of server and network infrastructure. He has very strong knowledge in Linux & UNIX systems, Enterprise Virtualization, different type of Storage system and different type of Network equipment like Cisco, Juniper, Allot, Cisco ASA firewall etc. He designed and implemented Enterprises Virtualization platform by using open source virtualization solution for BRAC, where more than 100 VMs are running on production. He has solid expertise on design and implementation of Core Network and nationwide Data Network implementation for large NGO like BRAC. He also has very strong expertise on system security and network security for enterprise network and datacenter. He is working with BRAC from last 5 years. Presently he is working for implementing OpenStack cloud for BRAC. Jobayer secured high level RedHat Linux expertise certifications include RHCDS, RHCSS, RHCVA, RHCE, Redhat Certified System Administrator on Redhat Openstack, SCSA and lots of Redhat Expertise certification. In his professional career, he worked with some very well know organization like, Grameen Solutions, Akij Online and Akij Computer. Jobayer is founder member of RHCP-BD (Redhat Certified Professionals – Bangladesh) online professional forum.

Suman Kumar Saha
Dhakacom Ltd, Bangladesh

Over the last 8 years, Sumon’s working experience has been based on Linux, Cisco, IPTSP and network maintenance in three leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) and B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science graduate, CCNA & RHCE,JNCIA certified, has attended APNIC and bdNOG, SANOG training.

Md. Abdul Awal
BdREN, Bangladesh

Awal has more than 5 years of core networking experience, worked in IP Transit Provider as well as NREN. He is experienced in Routing, Switching, Security, DNS, DPI, network monitoring etc. He has also worked with Transmission network like SDH/SONET and Video Conferencing System.

Specialties: IPv4 & IPv6 Routing and Switching, DNS and Network Security, Transport Network

Shaila Sharmin
Link3 Technologies Ltd, Bangladesh

Shaila has worked in the Bangladesh ISP industry for more than seven years in a number of WiMax and FTTx Broadband service providers. Her expertise is focused on IP core for both service provider and enterprise network infrastructure. She possesses extensive hands-on experience on enterprise routing and switching products of major equipments vendors namely Cisco, ZTE, Alcatel-Lucent and Juniper.

Shaila is a computer science graduate and also received her masters degree on the same subject.She also has a number of vendor certifications.

Shaila volunteers as an EC member of bdNOG and is a regular speaker of several NOG and technical conferences in the AP region.

She is interested in IPv6, Routing and Switching, MPLS, BGP, Network Security and Internetworking, Internet governance & technical Policy.